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In August of 1958 Art Kane, a young photographer from Esquire magazine, had an idea to bring together the most important people in jazz for a group photograph. To his colleagues' surprise 57 jazz greats showed up in Harlem at 10am.

In 1994 Jean Bach brought the photograph to life with a documentary that featured many of the living legends in the photo reminscing where they were in their lives when the photo was taken. Bach's film "A Great Day in Harlem," is one of the best films ever made about jazz music. The film gives a living history of some of the greatest figures in jazz. Want to buy the video? Click here to buy it through If you are looking for a poster featuring the Art Kane photo, go here for a movie poster.

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This web site contains information on nearly every member in the photo. There are still a handful of people that I haven't got info on. You can help change this. In the confreres sections, the artists are listed by name. Names that are not hot are the missing people.

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